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Elle TRI’s: Triathlon Training Begins

Malibu Triathlon
Today marks the start of my triathlon training! Like I mentioned, I’m totally new to this process and it’s been a while since I had to learn how to train for something. The last time I had to train from scratch was exactly 5 years ago when I trained for my first marathon.

Although I’m super nervous to begin this journey, I’m also very excited. As much as I like to stick with what I know, I think it’s good for you to try new things and put yourself outside of your comfort zone. And ocean swimming and outdoor biking are definitely going to help with that.
Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.30.01 PM
For my training I’ll be following a 12-week beginner’s guide to an olympic distance triathlon. The Malibu Triathlon distance is in-between an olympic and sprint distance, so I’d rather be over prepared. The first two weeks will consist of two swim days, two run days, one bike day, one bike-to-run day, and a rest day.
One day down, 83 more to go..

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