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Exploring Spring: Work Hard

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve been working on a couple of projects lately so I wanted to share what I’ve been up to. Back in December I joined the Social Media Club LA board of directors and serve on the programs team. Social Media Club as a whole was founded in March 2006 to host conversations around the globe that explore key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other. SMCLA was founded in July 2008 and focuses on the unique mix of entertainment, technology and culture that makes Los Angeles an epicenter of the next digital evolution.

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The programs team is responsible for executing monthly events around digital and social media related topics, including panels and networking mixers. We’ve already had four great events. Our June event is dedicated to the rise of the animal celeb on Instagram and we have some exciting panelists, one of which is Geordi La Corgi! So message me if you’re interested in attending, or you can reserve your spot through this Eventbrite link. It will take place on June 23rd from 6:30PM to 9:30PM at General Assembly DTLA.
Just last week I was invited to be a part of the Rocksbox influencer community! I’m now officially an #RBITGIRL and can’t wait to receive my first Rocksbox. They even set me up with my own code elleluxoxo so anyone who uses this code to sign up will receive their first month free. Rocksbox is basically a subscription service that lets you rock the latest accessories without draining your bank account. I’ll be posting about it in more detail soon so stay tuned :)
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
Those who know me know about my love and passion for all things BIRDS. Through my employer, The Wonderful Company, I was able to make a generous donation to the Los Angeles Audubon Society and in return I was invited to attend their annual members meeting this past weekend. It was fun to be able to meet others like myself and see the amount of time, energy and passion they put into this organization. There really is so much you can do to help preserve nature and wildlife, and a lot of it stems from education and awareness.  I learned about the opportunities to volunteer and get involved, so if you're interested let me know!
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Finally, thank you to Pabst Blue Ribbon for starting my week off right and sending me lots of goodies! I rarely drink beer and PBR is one of two that I actually do enjoy, so I appreciate the lovin' :)




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