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Chasing Fall: My Baes in the Bay

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All I need in this life is good food, good travel, and badass baes. It’s hard to find quality company these days so when you find people who share the same passions in life, it’s important to hold on to them. A couple of weekends ago I made a trip up to the bay to play, and all we did was eat, drink, and explore. Tough life, right? There really isn’t much to say except that it was an amazing weekend and I loved spending time with these bebehs!

Special thanks to..

Brewski - for letting me and my posse stay at your place <3

Jooshi - for letting me post some of your photos, hehe.

Quinn - for playing chauffeur and planning the whole day.

Baby Prawn - for bringing us Ike's and driving us to the car rental owe me coconut water..

Tigress Lee - for being the bestest and driving my fat, hungover ass home to LA :)

(Hawk Hill)

(Point Bonita, which was closed unfortunately)

(Battery Spencer)SF17

(Dynamo Donuts)

(Bernal Heights)





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