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Tomorrow Isn't Soon Enough.

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Exactly four years ago from July 8th I started training for my first marathon - well, first running event ever, to be more exact. I’ve never considered myself an athletic person. Growing up I loved hiking and camping with my family but never held much interest for sports. The idea of flying objects or people charging at my face gave me a bit of anxiety. And before I took a stab at cross country the summer of my sophomore year in high school, I’m pretty sure I had never run more than a mile. My time on the cross country team was short lived, however, and I didn’t even think about running until almost five years later.

To keep things short, let’s just say I’d always wanted something from Tiffany’s, and when the opportunity to get a necklace from the Nike Women’s Marathon surfaced, I didn’t hesitate to take it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my lifestyle changed completely from that summer of 2010. Fast forward to the present year and I have four marathons and three half marathons under my belt with two more half marathons on the way. It’s funny how fast things can change. My mom still likes to remind me of my preschool days when my class took a field trip to the local Albertson’s. The store was probably less than half a mile away but halfway there I cried from a side cramp and was carried the rest of the way.. #dontjudgeme

Now fast forward to the present day. Ever since the Nike Women’s Marathon in 2010 I’ve become a bigger Nike advocate each day. From run clubs to the Nike Training Club app to NTC Week, I’ve done and loved it all. A few weeks ago (7/14) I was hand selected to be a part of #NikeTrackClub for a VIP training run at Finish Line Del Amo in Torrance. Everyone who knows me knows my obsession for Nike so it was truly an out of body experience for me. There were around 20 girls in total and it felt great to be around people with similar passions for health, fitness, and social media. After some brief mingling we went out for a scenic 2.5 mile run around Torrance, but back at the store was the most exciting part of the night.

After some post-run high fives we entered the store, now littered with massage chairs and masseuses, and a table full of goodies: SUJA juice, NUUN water, brownie bites. As I tried my best to stop sweating profusely they announced the best news of all…complimentary entry to the 2014 Nike Women’s Half Marathon and some sweet Nike Air Max 1’s. It didn’t hurt that they had some suited up men displaying the shoes on silver platters either ;) To wrap up the event they then served champagne flutes and hors d'oeuvre. Not bad for a first time influencer event, right??

Bottom line: I now have the Nike Women’s Half Marathon to look forward to in October and training officially starts TODAY. So you can definitely expect some upcoming posts on my training and a wrap up to the SF Half Marathon that I just finished yesterday. Leave a comment and let me know if you’re training for the Nike race or any other event!


To New Beginnings

The @TenderGreens Duchess.