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The @TenderGreens Duchess.

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Everyone has a go-to grub spot. Some people love chubby burritos, some dream about towering burgers, and others may crave that greasy pizza shop. For me, it’s Tender Greens. It all began on Yelp, actually. And let me tell you, four years as an elite will change your way of eating at restaurants, one check-in at a time..

I was first introduced to TG when I started working in Santa Monica at the end of 2011. In April of 2012 they followed me on Twitter because of my frequent visits and tweets. By the end of that summer I became the Duchess of Tender Greens (and have been ever since). On August 18 of that same year they tweeted me my first complimentary meal, and on May 14, 2014 I celebrated my 100th check-in.

I check in almost everywhere I go and I’ve been Duchess at plenty of restaurants; I'll tweet about anything I eat or anywhere I visit! But when I tweeted TG on that 100th check in, they showered me with unexpected love by sending me a $100 gift card and then writing a feature about me on their blog. Hailllll yea!! When I think of TG, I think of delicious and healthy food, and quality service. And now I know that the amazing service applies both in person and in the digital sphere.

Tender Greens is honestly a must-try for the food and service, so I hope my photos speak for themselves. If you want to see other delicious TG meals, check out their #TGPick stream on Pinterest and Instagram. Bon appétit!


Disclaimer: I was not asked by Tender Greens to create this post and all opinions are my own.

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