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Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge - Week 4

Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge
Stop wishing, start doing.
Sweat is your fat crying.
Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge
I say, easier said than done. I've logged one work out as I enter Week 4 of the Orangetheory challenge and it's been a bumpy ride. As much as I love posting fitspirational quotes, it's another story when trying to execute them.  Let's take this one for example: nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I wouldn't know what being skinny feels like but I sure can tell you how amazing a Coolhaus chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of Talenti salted caramel gelato tastes!!
Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge
In terms of the physical requirements, this challenge is totally manageable. Each week gets better and I can feel myself getting stronger. Honestly, the hardest part is getting myself to the class, and then it's smooth sailing from there (I hate driving to places just to work out. I feel like that defeats the purpose, no?). What I like most about this partnership between Tender Greens and Orangetheory is the focus on a gradual lifestyle change rather than a quick fix to shed some pounds. Sure, it's called Weight Loss Challenge but it's really more of an opportunity to kick start better, healthier habits. Like staying accountable for X workouts a week, making wiser decisions when planning meals and just being more conscious about what you're putting into your body.
Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge
The first week of the challenge I had my head in the game and was adamant about doing three Orangetheory workouts a week, training for the LA Marathon, cutting out sugar and adding Soylent as a meal replacement. That lasted for a few days before I started binge-eating Brookside chocolates before bed. The second week was similar but I tried to eat more fruit after meals to avoid my sugary downfall.
Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge
By the third week I developed a better grasp on everything. I planned out most of my meals so I was never short of healthy snacks, and having Tender Greens for lunch helped satiate my need for delicious food without a guilty conscience. I still made sure to reduce the amount of salad dressing and cut out not-so-healthy-sides like mashed potatoes. Allowing myself  a "cheat meal" or two on the weekends also made this a much more sustainable lifestyle, both mentally and in terms of my appetite.
Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge
I'm halfway through the challenge and admit I have fallen off the wagon at times. I've definitely had pizza and ice cream at this point, but when I take a step back and look at my progress, everything in moderation! I've accepted that I won't win this challenge, but I think the ultimate test will be when this challenge ends and whether or not I can keep up what I've started..
anything for the crown

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