Elle Eats: Skinny Bitch

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Can I just be a skinny bitch without trying? Is that so much to ask for?! Too bad my eating habits will never let me and my workout regiment will never catch up to the amount of calories I consume. But that’s where juice detoxes come in to play! I know you should never use a juice cleanse as a means to lose weight (in the long term) but it definitely helps you tone up a bit, clean out your system, and reset your body if you want to start clean eating. I’m currently en route for Hawaii so I did some last minute panicking earlier this week, which involved a 3-day cleanse from Juice Served Here and a new bikini from Triangl. Good motivation, right?

Juice Served Here Juice Served Here Juice Served Here

I’ve tried a few cleanses before including the master cleanse, Pressed Juicery, and Kreation. What I like about Juice Served Here is that they come in cute, little glass bottles for about the same price! Great for re-use and storing my own Vitamix juices. It doesn’t hurt that the Venice shop is friggin’ adorable. Anyway, I did the level 3 cleanse which included 6 juices: Field of Greens, Clean Greens, Coco Vera, Sweet Greens, Green Milk, and Charcoal Lemonade.

Juice Served Here Juice Served Here Juice Served Here Juice Served Here

Day 1 Thoughts: what a breeze Juice 1 @ 9AM (80 cal) - tastes like my normal vitamix smoothies, easy to drink. no sugary taste either, me gusta! Juice 2 @11AM (60 cal) - ooh, coconut water. you fancy, juice, you fancy.. Juice 3 @ 2PM (50 cal) - if frozen coconut popsicles were in liquid form. i love you. Juice 4 @ 430PM (90 cal) - tastes like…salsa. like salsa juice. i think i like it.. Juice 5 @ 7PM (140 cal) - is it already 7?! must drink juice. def a guilty pleasure juice of the day. Juice 6 @ 930PM (50 cal) - only drank half bc i wasn’t that hungry and it was so late already. tasted fine but the charcoal leaves a grainy feeling in my mouth. like i’m chewing on tiny pieces of sand…bleh.

Throughout the day I was definitely fixated on food and constantly thinking about the foods I could have and would have liked to eaten. But as for actual hunger, I was pretty satisfied with the juices. I really like that they all tasted refreshing and clean. No added sugary taste.

Juice Served Here Juice Served Here Juice Served Here Juice Served Here Juice Served Here

Day 2 Thoughts: kill me Juice 1 @ 9AM (80 cal) - green juice, story of my life. Juice 2 @11AM (60 cal) - green juice, still the story of my life. and i’m hungry. hungry hungry hungry. Juice 3 @ 130PM (50 cal) - oh my god not even the deliciousness of this can make me forget about food. i can’t believe i’m only halfway done. i want food. all kinds of food. right now... Juice 4 @ 4PM (90 cal) - this doesn’t taste as delicious as i remember it. i think i’m dying. Juice 5 @ 7PM (140 cal) - wash the bottles as a means to distract myself. and talk to my mom. perfecto. Juice 6 @ 9PM (50 cal) - i finish the bottle i didn’t finish from yesterday and watch gotham. brush my teeth as i dream of innout and hodori..

I think I was hungry every hour of the day, but the hunger got infinitely worse after 12PM. Like hunger pains and hangry attitude to the max. There were a lot of moments where I contemplated sneaking food but then I thought about the money I spent on this cleanse and realized that I paid $170 to do this to myself. And finally I looked at Mochi (yes, my belly fat has a name) and thought of Hawaii, and my hunger seemed worth it.

Juice Served Here Juice Served Here Juice Served Here

Day 3 Thoughts: all graaavy Juice 1 @ 9AM (80 cal) - i feel like a million bucks! (note: i weighed myself in the morning to see a good 5lbs off the scale. holla.) Juice 2 @11AM (60 cal) - day 3 ain’t got nuffin’ on me. Juice 3 @ 130PM (50 cal) - hawaii is calling my name. Juice 4 @ 4PM (90 cal) - this was enjoyed during traffic after pampering myself with a mani-pedi ^_^ Juice 5 @ 6PM (140 cal) - only drank half

Day 3 felt about the same as Day 1, thank goodness, and overall was a good day. I felt better, less hungry, and less bloated. Unfortunately though, when I went home that night I broke the cleanse one juice early and had some soup and oranges. But I don’t feel bad bc I made the decision to eat and figured it’d be better to slowly introduce food into my system before Thanksgiving feasting. I have to say this is my favorite cleanse of all the juices I’ve tried before and will most definitely be back again. I also can't wait to try out this project they featured on their Facebook page...that will be another post!

Juice Served Here Juice Served Here





Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or paid to create this post; all opinions are my own.